Clickbank University 2.0 Review

Is Clickbank University 2.0 worth to buy?

There is a lot of mess in today’s online world.

Everybody is trying to convince you that only their products work etc. So, it can be challenging to find something valuable.

When I started looking for ways to make money online, I have tried almost every course, attended webinars, read eBooks, and so on. Only with a purpose to learn something useful, and find which direction to follow. There were few online business models, and one of the most profitable remains Affiliate marketing, which I have started to explore. Then, I have registered my account on Clickbank, learned a little bit from different free sources, but still felt that something was missing, I felt a lot of gaps in my knowledge. There was no clear system and understanding of affiliate marketing in my head.

Starting of my journey

One day, I got an email from Clickbank, that they have some online courses called Clickbank University 2.0, where they promised to teach how to build affiliate marketing business that generates from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand per month. That sounds unrealistic, I thought, but still, I needed some system and knowledge; thus, I purchased Clickbank University 2.0. , it was quite cheap compared to John Crestani “Super Affiliate System, that was the first online course that I wanted to buy so bad, but it was expensive for me, compare to Clickbank University 2.0.

What is inside the Clickbank University 2.0?

I thought that it would be a great idea to learn from Clickbank itself since they definitely should know how it works. I have created this review since I wasn’t able to find any information about how Clickbank University 2.0 looks from inside, from the student’s perspective, so, here you have.

Let’s get started

The first thing you see after login is a library and here you choose the topic you want to learn. There are plenty of information and other minicourses, which was a great surprise for me, since you receive not only the course about affiliate marketing, but also Youtube course, Facebook course, Copyrighting guide, and so on.

Let’s quickly review each module to understand what it is all about.

CBU 2.0

It’s an abbreviation for Clickbank University 2.0, and it the main basic course. The cool thing is that there are 2 main sections inside: Vendors and Affiliates. These are a step-by-step explanation of how to become an affiliate, and how to create your own digital product. There is plenty of information to learn.

CBU 2.0 Live Q&A

Live training with Justin and Adam, they are founders of Clickbank and legends of affiliate marketing. That’s nice to listen because often, I found out that many affiliates struggling with the same things.

CBU forum Forum

Here people share their experiences and communicate. Here you can also find a lot of useful information.

Traffic Vault

11 minicourses on different themes from the best marketers in the world like Chris Luck and John Crestani. You will find here valuable information, for example, “How to create a successful membership site?” “Instagram strategy for affiliate marketing,” How to increase productivity? and so on. Clickbank constantly updating and adding new courses here.

Expert interviews

Interviews with top world marketers made by Clickbank that provides a lot of insight and tips on what to do to become really successful.

Market & Customer Research

Full step-by-step course on how to do Market & Customer Research.

The Official Copywriting Guide

Guide from the Matt O’Connor, he is an official copyrighter of Clickbank and the person who brought a lot of money to Clickbank thanks to his copies. I truly enjoyed this guide, and you will be surprised once you read it, he writes about old tricks that don’t work, and provide with the tips and strategy on how to write excellent content that brings conversations.

Facebook Ads

Full facebook ads course. They show in this course everything from the beginning, setting up your account, page, showing Ads manager, set up a campaign, and so on.

Buy & Sell Online Businesses

Did you know that you can create your online business, run it for a few months to gain some activity, and then sell it for 20-30k? That’s what this course all about. Course from Empire Flippers on how to sell online businesses. On their platform, you can sell your Dropshiping businessAffiliate websitesBlogsAmazon business, etc.


Clickbank University 2.0 is a great online platform to learn everything you need to start making money online. They provide really valuable courses, strategies, insiders tips and tricks, guides, and they constantly updating and adding new information. Thus, you can be sure that you have only relevant information.

I truly enjoyed Clickbank University 2.0.


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